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- Dynamic / Low-weight / Fast / Easy for integration
  • Detector is ready to acquire images within 5 seconds. Consecutive images available in less than 4 seconds allow practitioners to boost productivity. High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) acquisition mode generates crisp images for still objects, thus providing the highest level images for veterinary and medical applications.
Detector with DQE over 30%, 16 bits dynamic range, two additional modes with
  • 1) doubled pixels resolution or
  • 2) enhanced sensitivity
  • generates outstanding quality images that help users to reveal the slightest details of a subject.
  • High resolution above 4.5 lp/mm
  • Dynamic imaging at frame rates up to 30 fps
  • 10 cm detector thickness
  • Superior performance CsI scintillator
  • Operability within wide range of operating environment conditions
  • Integrated AED: no sync with generator needed
  • Serviceability at client location
  • Up to 3 years warranty for spare parts
ExamVue 1417T PRO Detector is based on PSA technology which combines optically coupled two dimensional array of sensors with ultra-fast stitching algorithms for reconstructing images using redundant information from overlapping FoV of adjoining sensors.

Unique automatic brightness calibration technique ensures precise temperature and parametric noises drifts compensation even for consecutive images series acquisitions.

Dynamic imagers are the core components for state-of-the-art CBCT and tomosynthesis x-ray units. High sensitivity requirement increases the complexity and correspondingly the reliability of dynamic detectors. Modular design is the key to serviceability and long lifetime of a digital system. ExamVue 1417T PRO family detectors incorporates highly scalable modular implementation addressing dynamic detector’s design challenges.
Receptor Type Photo-diode sensors array with optical coupling (PSA)
Sensors Number 120
Field of View 360 X 432mm
A/D Conversion 16bits
Auto Exposure Detection Integrated
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Radiography Mode Pixel Area 4096 X 5104   2048 X 2552
Screen Pixel Pitch 98 X 128μm   195 X 256μm
Spatial Resolution 4.5lp/mm   2.3lp/mm
Pixel Area 2048 X 2552   1024 X 1276
Screen Pixel Pitch 195 X 256μm   391 X 511μm
Spatial Resolution 2.3lp/mm   1.1lp/mm
Frame per Second 7.5   30
Dimensions 490(v) X 420(h) X 99(d)mm
Housing Material Steel / Carbon Fiber
Weight < 8 kg
Power 18V DC 50W
Optimized UI design for Touch screen
Multi-task Patient
Imaging and Annotation Tools
(Window level, Zoom, Pan, Crop, Invert, Rotation, Angle, Label, Text)
Powerful User Features
(Image stitching, Image import / export, Image comparison, Multi view, Image expansion, Full screen, Auto collimation, Reject/Accept)
Smart Window Level
DICOM3.0 Compatibility
Post Image processing mode for each body part
Changeable Skin color (Green Tea, Strawberry, Mint, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla)