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- Avg. image processing time of 1.3 second required for 9MPx
  (3,072 x 3,072)
- Avg. image processing time of 2 seconds required for 16MPx
  (4,096 x 4,096)
브로슈어 요청
  • Optimized UI design for Touch screen.
  • Multi-task Patient.
  • Imaging and Annotation Tools (Window level, Zoom, Pan, Crop, Invert, Rotation, Angle, Label, Text)
  • Powerful User Features
    (Image stitching, Image import / export, Image comparison, Multi view, Image expansion, Full screen, Auto collimation, Reject/Accept)
  • MSmart Window Level.
  • DICOM3.0 Compatibility.
  • Post Image processing mode for each body part.
  • Changeable Skin color (Green Tea, Strawberry, Mint, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla)
Enhanced various Image processing technology & Parameter adjustment Easily modifiable features such as Sharpness, Edge, Contrast, Latitude, Gamma, Noise reduction Customizable image processing parameter per user's preference capability.
High image quality achieved by applying optimized image processing parameters per each size of the Body part. (Baby, Thin, Normal, Obese)