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- Improving Image Quality Reducing Patient Exposure,
  Being Easy-to-handle.
Light-weight aluminum frame
One piece ID window is maintenance free and available at an extra cost
Optional carbon fiber front assures better image and reduces patient exposure
Optimal film contact is achieved by the use of a specially designed foam insert
Softly-locking push buttons and lightweight aluminum construction provide easy-of-use
Durability is greatly enhanced by resilient
aluminum hinges and high-impact graphite
corners absorbing shocks effectively
Size Weight (g) Size Weight (g)
5" X 7" 440 14" X 14" 1,760
7" X 17" 1,150 14" X 17" 2,025
8" X 10" 825 18 X 24cm 730
10"X 12" 1,125 24 X 30cm 1,045
11" X 14" 1,380 30 X 40cm 1,675
12" X 15" 1,640
- Any Special sizes are available upon request
AFAB Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Front Board
AFAB W Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Front Board with Window
G/AFAB Grid/Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Front Board
G/AFAB W Grid/Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Front Board with Window